Florida, where a colony of shape shifting big cats are on the prowl for human mates. When they show up, all they have to do is convince them that they have nothing to fear from falling for guys who stalk through the National Park at night in feline mode, prefer windows to doors and eat their meat extra rare. No pressure then!

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sexual healing

Caitlyn Eton witnesses her boss’s murder. Terrified that she’ll be next, she runs for her life and finds herself drawn to Impulse, Florida. Unable to breathe the thin air, she’s discovered unconscious and close to death by alpha cheetahs Jared Carlton and Bryce Dalton, who save her life.

Convinced that Caitlyn’s the human mate they’ve been desperately seeking, the guys must first figure out who’s sent her to Impulse and why. Rogue bears are desperate to get their paws on Impulse to benefit from its unique qualities. Jared, at the point of losing his powers and strength for want of a mate, must contemplate a fight to the death with the leading rogue bear if he’s to save the woman he loves and the Impulse community as a whole.

Caitlyn could restore his powers by mating with him, but Jared would never ask her to make that sacrifice…

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Dirty little secrets

When Nicole Fox’s beloved grandfather dies, she honors his dying wish and visits Impulse, Florida. Unaware that her grandfather had ever left British soil, she’s astonished to discover that he had a huge sum of money invested in Impulse’s hedge fund. Nicole sets out to discover where it came from and what his links to the small town were.

Kai Sage and Pascal Channing, the two puma shifters running the fund, see through Nicole’s shapeless clothing, unflattering hairstyle, and glasses to the vibrant and passionate woman lurking beneath the disguise. They know she’s intended as their mate, and as they help her to uncover her grandfather’s secrets, they wrangle over the best way to persuade her to remain in Impulse. She seems to be able to breathe their thin air. Could she have shifter blood, thus making her an unsuitable mate?

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mating rituals

Meteorologist Aisha Carlton has hit the wall with her career. She chances upon Impulse, Florida, where the weird weather patterns have defeated explanation by hundreds of scientists before her. If she can only come up with an explanation, it will reinvigorate her career.

Kane Blair and Tyrone Darwin, alpha leopards, recognize Aisha as their destined human mate. But Tyrone’s personal life is a mess. His former shifter-mate is trying to keep his kids from him and Kane has just woken up in a hotel room with a strange woman in his bed. If they had full-on sex he’s blown his chances of mating with anyone else.

How can he find out what really happened? How can Tyrone persuade his ex to send their kids back to the safety of Impulse, and how can the two leopards persuade Aisha to stay in Impulse, forget her career, and embrace life as the mate of shifters?

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jaguar’s reward

When Vadim Fyre and Zayd Kunda save a woman from drowning off the coast of Impulse, they expect just a little gratitude for saving her life. Instead, driven by instincts she’s unable to control, Talia Regan tries to kill them both.

Convinced Talia has been sent by their enemies to infiltrate Impulse, the entire colony is on its guard against attack. But for Vadim and Zayd it’s a defining moment in that Talia’s the mate they’d almost given up on finding. Unfortunately Talia not only has shifter blood herself, disqualifying her as a suitable mate, but has also been taught to hate everything to do with shifters.

Driven by their overwhelming feelings for Talia, Vadim and Zayd risk the security of the entire colony in their quest to possess a woman who can never be theirs…can she?

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tigers’ temptation

Layla DuBois's research draws her to the quirky town of Impulse, Florida, where she's stonewalled by Dr. Mikael Chatrier, who has good reason to hate reporters. He and his partner Philo Hart are suspicious about her sudden arrival and will do whatever it takes to protect their anonymity, and their research.

Layla, convinced that Mikael has found a way to cure terminal illnesses in children, won't be brushed off with platitudes and half-truths. When she refuses to go quietly, Mikael invites her to stay, confident that he and Philo will come up with something to satisfy her curiosity without revealing their shifter abilities or the true nature of their work.

But they don't factor in the potent feline attraction that sizzles between the three of them from the get-go. Nor do they appreciate the determination of a reporter with a scoop set firmly in her sights…

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panthers’ pleasure

Drawn to Impulse, Florida, Chantal Lake struggles to acclimatize to the weird atmosphere. Her first sight of Rafe Landon and Vilas Tanner blows her mind, but she’s here looking for her lost brother, and romance isn’t on her agenda.

Impulse is a colony of shape-shifting felines. As alpha panthers, Rafe and Vilas are its leaders, but urgently need to mate with the right female to restore their dwindling powers. They immediately sense that Chantal is the mate they’ve waited decades to find, but how are they supposed to explain that to her without freaking her out?

Chantal’s brother is being manipulated by lion-shifters, desperate to get their paws on Impulse and its unique properties. Unwilling to be the cause of the guys risking their lives against the lions, Chantal flees Impulse, unwittingly drawing the men she’s fallen in love with into a fierce battle that could cost them their lives…