Discretions; Multi-millionaire British hunks using their wealth to rid the world of the bad guys, one sexy encounter at a time.

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COURAGE of their convictions

Seymour Preston and Orson Fraser are the golden boys of the British justice system.  They are also lovers, and seriously into BDSM—a closely guarded secret that would ruin their image if it became public knowledge. Athena Hadley, intent upon helping her friend fight an accusation of assault, is determined that Seymour will represent her, and will do whatever it takes to persuade him.

Seymour and Orson think Athena might just add that missing element to their sex games, if they can persuade her to play with them. Athena takes to the lifestyle like a natural, but when a photo of her and Seymour in a compromising position is sent to her phone, she fears that it will wreck his career if released to the media.

Someone doesn’t want Seymour to represent Athena’s friend and will go to almost any lengths to prevent it from happening. But Seymour doesn’t react well to threats, so it’s game on…


Game changers

Dale Benson and Clyde Turner, creators of online games, are set to go one step further and turn online into virtual TV. But a stalker steals their ideas, threatening to scupper the lucrative deal. In desperation, they call in a cyber-investigator to plug the leak.

Sophie Dawson, determined to prove herself, is for security purposes required to move in with the guys. No problem, but for the fact that their sheer presence and…well, sex appeal makes it hard for her to concentrate. They learn that she’s dabbled with bondage in the past and invite her to join them in their playroom.

Can Sophie resolve their business problems, detaching her growing feelings for the guys as easily as Clyde detaches body from mind when Dale delivers punishments?

Even if Sophie saves the day professionally, can Dale and Clyde go back to life without her? Do they want to…

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their hot investment

Simone Kinsella is devastated when she arrives in England from Florida and discovers that her ailing father has been duped and left destitute. Convinced that hedge fund managers Joey Cadell and Saul Holden are the con men responsible, Simone confronts them, reluctant to accept that they’re fallen victim to a convincing fraudster, too.

Magnets for fortune-seekers, the guys find release in the sex games played with each other. When Simone bursts into their lives, angry and unimpressed by their material possessions, both men wonder if she be the female they’d given up hope of ever finding.

They persuade Simone to move in with them while they try to track the fraudster down. Will they succeed before Joey’s business is subjected to sanctions by Trading Standards? More to the point, will Simone be disgusted when she learns of their sexual predilections, or can they persuade her to join in…

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hell-raising in high heels

When Kelsey Wallace hears that her English mentor in the equestrian world has fallen victim to a conman, she's on the first plane out of the States, ready to kick ass. Harry Moncrieff and Dexter Mason, designers of the exclusive Moncrieff Originals shoe range and members of the exclusive Discretions club offer to help her flush the fraudster out.

As a guest in their palatial home, Kelsey is overwhelmed by the way they make things happen. Discovering that Kelsey shares their interest in BDSM, the guys shower her with the type of attention she craves, testing her limits, while simultaneously setting the wheels in motion to trap the conman.  In an audacious bid to find justice for her friend, Kelsey must confront the fraudster. But is she willing to take the law into her own hands? And when it's  all over, where will she find  the strength to walk away from the two men who have brought her alive and stolen her heart...

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their leading lady

When the squeeze is put on famous movie star, Larry Cliff, his assistant, Scarlett Mansell, flies to England, convinced the blackmailer’s identity is connected to Larry’s upbringing in the British care system. She consults with Jago Scott and Lloyd Emmerson, old friends of Larry’s and his PR representatives in England. Scarlett suspects Jago and Lloyd of hiding something and is unwilling to put her trust in them, even if she’s also incapable of resisting their physical charms.

Jago and Lloyd, victims of the same brutal care system as Larry, learned years ago not to trust anyone but each other. But they owe Larry for preventing them from self-destructing and are determined to save his career. Untangling a dangerous web of intrigue woven by a man bearing a massive grudge, can they also persuade Scarlett, the only woman they’ve ever allowed to get close to them, that they aren’t the bad guys…

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hot property

When an upcoming American tennis star dies unexpectedly, his sister, supermodel Naomi Redford, storms into London, England intent upon discovering why his life was cut so tragically short. She suspects Saul’s Agents, Jared Maynard and Kenton Sinclair, partners in the prestigious Maynard-Sinclair Agency, of pushing Saul too hard, but can’t ignore the evidence that points in other directions, either.

She accept Jared and Kent’s help to delve deeper, desperate to protect her brother’s reputation. How much does his live-in lover know? Do Naomi’s grasping father and step-brothers know more than they’re saying? And what about his former lover, Sam, who wanted Saul back?

Naomi is distracted by the games Jared and Kent introduce her to which have nothing to do with line calls and double faults, but when it becomes apparent that Saul was murdered and the police have no suspects, the three of them are determined Saul’s killer won’t get away with his crime…