Decadent Pleasures

Witches, Shifters and Vampires have lived undetected alongside humans for centuries.When a group of rogue vampires make a power grab, the alternate species must put aside their differences and work together to retain their anonymity.



An unregistered witch with exceptional powers comes to the notice of the Witches Consortium when she carries out acts of compassion in Florida that risk drawing the attention of skeptical humans to the entire witch population.

Blaise Xanadu and his sexy intern, Scott Locasta, work and play hard with one another but are totally unprepared for the fierce sexual attraction they feel toward Dakota Garnet when they catch up with her in Florida. When they discover that her life is in danger and that her friend has already been captured by rogue vampires, they don’t hesitate to help her out.

Will they be able to find the missing girl and save Dakota from the clutches of vampires who will go to almost any length to get their hands on such an exceptionally powerful witch…



Witches, shifters and vampires have lived alongside humans for centuries. But now, rogue vampires, tired of the old regime, are making a bid for power that threatens to expose them all.

Raven Davenport and Eamon Ellis are sent by the vampire Grand Master to Florida, where Detective Daisy Price has raised doubts about the loyalty of her captain to the vampire regime. Satisfied that the captain in question is involved with the conspiracy, Raven and Eamon must foil a daring plot to raising money for the rebel cause.  Their attention isn’t on the job though when Daisy proves to be a delightful distraction, more than ready to explore the limits of her sexuality at the guys’ capable hands. Raven underestimates the captain, which places Daisy in mortal danger, to say nothing of forcing her into facing demons from her past.

Can Raven and Eamon rescue her from one of the most evil manipulators they have ever encountered…



Rogue vampires threaten the shifters headquarters in Montana, hoping to upset the balance of power amongst the alternate species. Logan Carter, Head of Security, and his hot white tiger intern, Phin Ince, are charged with protecting the community. They also find the time to explore one another sexuality.

When investigative journalist Nova Mackenzie finds herself under threat from a bear, Logan and Phin shift in order to save her life. The scoop of a lifetime has fallen into Nova’s hands.

Can the guys persuade her not to reveal their secret by distracting her with their sexy games? And what connection does Nova have to the renegade vampires? Can she repay the guys by risking her life to keep them safe…


rogue justice

The Witches’ ruling counsel is concerned when a rogue witch practises magic on a London street. Draco Xanadu and his intern Kadir Wolfe are sent to London to find the witch and return her to New York to face the Witches’ Judiciary.

Astra Gandolf, Private Investigator, is frustrated when no action is taken against a privileged guy who ruined her client’s life with his violent behavior. Setting out to find him, odd things occur when she sees wrongs that needs righting. Sparks fly from her fingertips and she can burn people just by touching them. Is she losing her mind? 

When Draco and Kadir corner Astra, they must somehow convince her that she’s one of the most powerful witches alive. Freaked out by the revelations, Draco and Kadir distract her with sex games. But can they convince Astra to face up to the danger she’s in, and will she agree to return to New York…