Decadent Pleasures

Witches, Shifters and Vampires have lived undetected alongside humans for centuries.When a group of rogue vampires make a power grab, the alternate species must put aside their differences and work together to retain their anonymity.

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rogue justice

The Witches’ ruling counsel is concerned when a rogue witch practises magic on a London street. Draco Xanadu and his intern Kadir Wolfe are sent to London to find the witch and return her to New York to face the Witches’ Judiciary.

Astra Gandolf, Private Investigator, is frustrated when no action is taken against a privileged guy who ruined her client’s life with his violent behavior. Setting out to find him, odd things occur when she sees wrongs that needs righting. Sparks fly from her fingertips and she can burn people just by touching them. Is she losing her mind? 

When Draco and Kadir corner Astra, they must somehow convince her that she’s one of the most powerful witches alive. Freaked out by the revelations, Draco and Kadir distract her with sex games. But can they convince Astra to face up to the danger she’s in, and will she agree to return to New York…