Hadleigh’s is the Après-ski hangout of choice in European resort, Nevella, where six hunky Americans live, work and play. But what are they hiding from? More than one woman has tried to find out. Plenty more are lining up to take their turn…

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winner takes all

Disillusioned by life in the fast lane and smarting from a contentious divorce, Leo Hadleigh gives up his career as a Bostonian prosecutor and buries himself away in sleepy European Nevella where he makes Hadleigh’s the après-ski bar of choice. When Aisha Wendell, the woman he’s never been able to get out of his mind, appears on his turf, Leo is forced to confront the issues with his family he’s spent the past five years trying to avoid.

Aisha, fiercely loyal to Leo’s ex-wife to whom she owes a huge debt of gratitude, is in Nevella to act as PR liaison for a televised poker tournament and to try and persuade Leo to give Melody a second chance. She assumes she will be able to contain her own feelings for Leo, especially since he doesn’t return them, but when he invites her to join him in Hadleigh’s private dungeon all bets are off…

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Handcuffs and hot fudge

Ty Vaughan has gone from being a famed Bostonian Michelin-star chef to running Hadleigh’s restaurant in the sleepy European ski-resort of Nevella, which suits him just fine. Persuaded to mentor a team of amateur chefs for the annual food fayre, Ty's attention is caught by Brit Jodie Norton, whose attitude borders on hostile and elevates the temperature in Ty’s kitchen to boiling point.

Jodie is convinced Ty’s the guy who’d been dating her best friend up until the time of her brutal murder. Her suspicions intensify when she discovers that he, and all the other American ex-pats living at Hadleigh’s, are into BDSM—just as her friend had been—and even have their own dungeon on the premises.

Convinced she’s on the trail of a murderer, Jodie’s priorities become blurred when she finds it increasingly difficult to ignore the heat simmering between her and Ty. She wouldn’t be fatally attracted to a murderer, would she…

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fire and ice

English Insurance Investigator, Chelsea Hoxton, is determined to track down priceless black diamonds stolen during a daring heist in Amsterdam and beat the competition the finders’ fee. Leads take her to Nevella, the hip ski resort straddling the French and Spanish borders where Jack Gower, hot American helicopter pilot, becomes a person of interest.

Jack thinks his life’s looking up when Chelsea takes a ride with him that ends up in his bed. He’s finally met a woman who’s sassy, beautiful, enjoys being dominated and gets his personal rotor turning. Then he catches her searching his rooms - an invasion of privacy impossible to forgive.

Convinced Jack is not one of the bad guys, Chelsea thinks she’s blown the one good thing to have happened to her in years. Can she find a way to regain Jack’s trust and enlist his help in tracking down the thieves…

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endangered hearts

Bounty Hunter, Sabine Carter, tracks Rick Dwyer to sleepy Nevella. Instead of the scumbag she’s expecting, Rick turns out to be a dedicated conservationist, passionate about saving an endangered species of eagle nesting in the Nevella mountains. She doesn’t usually care what the people she’s paid to find are supposed to have done, but there’s something about Rick that troubles her conscience. A less likely industrial saboteur she had yet to see. Course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a hunk, but Sabine won’t let that influence her judgment.

Rick knows the moment he sets eyes on Sabine that she’s been sent to trap him. He also knows she’s pretty damned special. She hates to be touched, and Rick sees that as a challenge. But first he must convince her he isn’t the bad guy.

In between passionate bouts of love-making, Rick and Sabine devise a means of drawing out the real villains, endangering themselves and their own hearts in the process.

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naked exposure

Darcy Sinclair, a beautiful and talented videographer, is willing to work at Ross’s ski school for minimum wage. Immediately attracted to her, Ross is also wary of the sudden appearance of an over-qualified candidate so keen to fill the vacancy.

The small principality of Nevella is run by five rival families, all of whom are working to attract a wealthy Russian consortium. Could Darcy have been sent to spy for another family, or is she what she appears to be? Someone has to awaken Darcy’s latent sensuality, and Ross figures it’s not against the rules to mix business with pleasure while he tries to figure out her motivation.

Darcy is torn between her feelings for Ross and her real reason for being in Medina Valley, but before she can place her trust in him, he discovers the truth for himself. Will he forgive her treachery and help her fight the people manipulating her…

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master class

In the small, independent European resort of Nevella, Hadleigh’s is the après-ski hangout of choice. Run by six hunky American ex-pats, the club has a very exclusive private side that’s strictly invitation only.

Tanya Novac and Melanie arrive for a week’s skiing. Melanie—slim, beautiful and full of confidence—sets her sights on their instructor, Ward Shannon. But Ward prefers slightly overweight Tanya, recognizing in her a need to be dominated that she doesn’t know exists. He takes her to Hadleigh’s BDSM club, and they embark upon a steamy Master/sub relationship.

Melanie can’t accept being second best and forces Tanya to confront unresolved issues from her past. Ward’s feelings for Tanya compel him to re-examine his reasons for hiding in Nevella and giving up on a promising career in journalism. Can Ward and Tanya help one another to fight their demons and find happiness in one another’s arms…