Few people know of the existence of the Clandestine Investigation Agency, manned by touch ex-forces guys, who work hard, play rough and right a lot of the world’s wrongs, one hot babe at a time.

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baby come back

Raoul and Zeke have spent three years mourning the loss of Cantara, the woman they both loved, and whose death will always be on their consciences. When they receive a phone call from their old military commander suggesting that Cantara might still be alive, albeit with memory loss, they dare to hope for a second shot at happiness. But questions remain. If it is Cantara, who betrayed their mission into Palestinian occupied territory, making it possible for all three of them to be captured in the first place, and for Raoul and Zeke to be subjected to systematic torture?

The guys are at Andrews Air Force base to meet the plane bringing the mystery woman home to the States. Memories of the hot sex they enjoyed with Cantara flood their brains, as does renewed thirst for revenge against the traitor who put them all in danger’s path.

Is it Cantara and, even if it is, will she ever regain her memory and recognize the guys…

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Hooked on a feelin’

Overweight and short on confidence, Sorrel’s family and her grasping ex are all over her when she comes into a large inheritance. She makes a living as a successful advertising slogans writer but someone is stealing her ideas, so she calls on her dad’s old friends at the Clandestine Agency for help.

Vasco and Tyler suspect a member of her family is behind the thefts. They persuade Sorrel to hang out with them at their gym, where they introduce her to hot, sexy loving. Sorrel adores the things they do together but is suspicious of their motives. Why would two such hunks take an interest in someone as out of shape as she is?

When she discovers the gym is losing money and overhears the guys talking about approaching her for a loan, their motivation becomes clear. Or does it…

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dominant force

Anais Harrison’s soldier husband is classified as missing in action—training action in the Florida Everglades. Stonewalled by the military when she asks how that could have happened, Anais turns to the Clandestine Agency for help. Hunter Griffin and Lewis Kyler, tough ex-special forces commandos, are sent to help Anais and soon become convinced the military is covering something up. The attraction between them and Anais is instantaneous, electrifying, making this their most important assignment to date. But their determination to discover the truth is hampered by their equal determination to awaken Anais’s sensuality.

Hunter and Lewis make startling discoveries about Gary Harrison’s activities, but they aren’t the only people following his trail, and the stakes could not be higher. Anais recklessly places herself in danger’s path to protect the men she has fallen in love with. Can Hunter and Lewis reach Anais in time to save her…

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licensed to thrill

When American, Jodie Bisset, daughter of a Senator-Elect, is arrested in London, England on terrorist charges, her brother calls in the Clandestine Agency. Former elite soldiers Milo Hanson and Hal Lewis aren’t happy about their assignment. They don’t have time to babysit poor little rich girls who’ve gotten themselves into bad company. But the moment they meet their hot client they realize Jodie is guilty of nothing more sinister than a naivety.

With Jodie released into their custody, the guys try to discover who wanted her arrested, suspecting her father’s political enemies. They mix business with pleasure, awakening Jodie’s sensual side and introducing her to their sexy games. Milo even thinks she just might be the one—until he learns of her plans to do charity work in the part of the world that left him permanently maimed.

With pressure from her father, and Milo’s feelings in conflict, is there any way forward for the three of them…

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smooth operators

Briana isn’t best pleased when three tough ex-marines arrive at her Montana lake-house, even if she does admire the view. Sabotage? No one’s trying to sabotage her efforts. She’s just had a run of bad luck, hasn’t she? She absolutely doesn’t need three bare-chested hunks crawling all over her roof, or over her.

Fergal, Gus and Harley soon realize that someone doesn’t want Briana living on the lake. But who, and why? Searching for answers gives them an excuse to hang around, and make themselves useful. The guys can’t resist the challenge of awakening Briana’s latest sexuality, if only to prove a point to her. Engaged in steamy sex games they take their eye off the ball, leaving Briana in a life-threatening situation. Will they be in time to save the woman all three of them have fallen for…

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charmed and dangerous

Maddie McGuire stays in Falls Church to tidy up her father’s affairs after he’s killed in a hit-and-run. Scared when she notices someone following her, she completely freaks out when her father’s house is broken into.

In need of help, she calls Clandestine Investigations, a private agency run by ex-service personnel. Kick-ass former SEALs Riley Maddox and Axel Cameron ride to her rescue. Slowly, the three of them unravel the evil scam that got her father killed when he accidently stumbled upon it. To prove her dad was murdered, Maddie must take some risks, but then she’s a risk-taking kind of gal. Why else would she allow the guys to awaken her sexual awareness and play mind-blowing erotic sex games with her?

Riley and Axel have been burned before, and getting permanently involved with a woman is out of the question. Besides, Maddie has a life back in New York and the two of them are always up to their necks in danger, so there’s no future for the three of them, or is there…?