Zara Chase



Witches, Shifters and Vampires have lived undetected alongside humans for centuries. When a group of rogue vampires make a power grab, the alternate species must put aside their differences and work together to retain their anonymity.


Decadent pleasures 2 ~ Wild abandon

decadent pleasures 1 ~ rogue justice


Rogue vampires threaten the shifters headquarters in Montana, hoping to upset the balance of power amongst the alternate species. Logan Carter, Head of Security, and his hot white tiger intern, Phin Ince, are charged with protecting the community. They also find the time to explore one another sexuality.

When investigative journalist Nova Mackenzie finds herself under threat from a bear, Logan and Phin shift in order to save her life. The scoop of a lifetime has fallen into Nova’s hands.

Can the guys persuade her not to reveal their secret by distracting her with their sexy games? And what connection does Nova have to the renegade vampires? Can she repay the guys by risking her life to keep them safe…

The Witches’ ruling counsel is concerned when a rogue witch practises magic on a London street. Draco Xanadu and his intern Kadir Wolfe are sent to London to find the witch and return her to New York to face the Witches’ Judiciary.

Astra Gandolf, Private Investigator, is frustrated when no action is taken against a privileged guy who ruined her client’s life with his violent behavior. Setting out to find him, odd things occur when she sees wrongs that needs righting. Sparks fly from her fingertips and she can burn people just by touching them. Is she losing her mind? 

When Draco and Kadir corner Astra, they must somehow convince her that she’s one of the most powerful witches alive…




Her Three Entrepreneurs

The eighth book in the Hot Millionaires series.

When Athena Lloyd’s beloved grandfather is viciously attacked, she believes the three American entrepreneurs who want to buy his English farmland must be responsible. She denounces them on television…



courage of their convictions

The sixth book in the Discretions series.

Seymour Preston and Orson Fraser are the golden boys of the British justice system.  They are also lovers, and seriously into BDSM—a closely guarded secret that would ruin their image if it became public knowledge…



sexual healinG

The sixth book in the Impulse series.

Caitlyn Eton witnesses her boss’s murder. Terrified that she’ll be next, she runs for her life and finds herself drawn to Impulse, Florida. Unable to breathe the thin air, she’s discovered unconscious and close to death by alpha cheetahs…



baby come back

The sixth book in the Clandestine series.

Raoul and Zeke have spent three years mourning the loss of Cantara, the woman they both loved, and whose death will always be on their consciences. When they receive a phone call from their old military commander suggesting that Cantara might still be alive…



winner takes all

The sixth book in the Apres-Ski series.

Disillusioned by life in the fast lane and smarting from a contentious divorce, Leo Hadleigh gives up his career as a Bostonian prosecutor and buries himself away in sleepy European Nevella where he…



their colorado conquest

The latest book from Zara’s shared series.

Five friends, one basket of sex toys. How to win it? By telling the sexiest story.

Ellie Kirkwood takes a job as publicist at a renovated hotel in Spirit, Colorado. She’s peeved to find that Josh Cooper…